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Who are we?

The story started in the kitchen of Miriam, a devoted mother who is passionate about food and love to cook fresh and delicious meals for her family. Miriam was raised in a culture where food is at the centre of every family gathering and every occasion. Food means sharing and caring.

In 2017, what started as a passion has blossomed into a local company providing catering services for corporate meetings, events and large parties. We’ve since expanded to provide weekly lunches at some of the seniors’ clubs and retirement villages in the Southeastern suburbs.

We treated every single event as a family gathering preparing the most delicious meals with mixed Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors using the freshest local ingredients. We then continued to bring people together through cooking classes at local community centres to provide quick and easy but delicious recipes focused on cooking healthy and fresh meals.

These classes were a huge success among local communities and the fantastic feedback we received gave us the idea and support to push our dream even further to reach every house, every table and every family gathering in our community and beyond. This is when My Healthy Way saw the light of day.

Ever since, we have taken it upon ourselves to make healthy delicious food accessible to all, especially those who are too busy to cook or those who are trying to lose weight, stay healthy, or have certain dietary requirements or allergies.

My Healthy Way takes care of your shopping, cooking, and calorie counting. We spare you all the thinking. No more calorie counting, weighing, measuring, or preparing. Your meals are prearranged and ready to eat, brought right to your table.

My healthy Way delivers quality, freshness and convenience to the following suburbs: Pakenham, Officer, Beaconsfield and Berwick and will be soon expanding to include Narre Warren, Hallam, Hampton Park, Cranbourne and Clyde.

At My Healthy Way, we believe in a balance that combines the pleasure of eating with a healthy plan to help you reach your goals while enjoying every single bite.

Customer Testimonials

Have had nothing but a great experience with Miriam’s meals! Her food is always fresh, tasty and filling! She always has something for everybody! Couldn't recommend her enough.

Mikaela, Pakenham

I've been buying meals from Miriam for a senior citizen's group of about seventy for four years and find them good quality and reasonably priced. Miriam is pleasant to work with.   

Rosemary, Pakenham

We have been enjoying Miriam's delightful meals (except in lockdown last year ) for a number of years. No complaints on any we have had . Waiting for more to come and enjoy.

Graham, Officer

I look forward each week to my meal delivery. Cooked fresh on the day and a generous serving as well. Great variety and always tasty.

Toni Roefs, Pakenham

Dear Miriam,  Thank you so much for the lovely  nutritious meals, We would highly  recommend your catering, to friends and family. Wishing you all the best. 

Celeste and Warren Rex. Beaconsfield

Miriam makes the best Meals .. the mains and desserts are amazing .. so Fresh and well cooked that feels like you are at a restaurant.. I genuinely love her meals and would 100% recommend it to ...

Stacey, Pakenham

Our group have found Miriam to be obliging and helpful, and catering for dietary requirements. The meals are generous, tasty and much appreciated

Koo Wee Rup Senior Citizens Club

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